du wirst unendlich hier auf erden vermisst.
ich hätte so gerne etwas von deiner gedenkfeier erfahren.
vielleicht kann hier jemand etwas veröffentlichen .alles liebe gudrun

Rick Odum

Back in the early 60's I met Scott at Jo Blondheimn's home in Atlantic Beach. Fl We played guitar, sang together and he was a very nice guy. Not knowing that four years later he would have a smash hit in San Francisco. Wish I could have seen him again before his passing.
Richard Odum
Jacksonville, FL USA


My favorite song is "When you go to San Francisco ..." it was the best thing in my life in the '60s, you are so missed.


I love and miss (((((YOU))))) my Etc.Bear

Claudia Yazzie

Just watching Grammys and seen your pic Scott :( where was I when you left? San Francisco was my favorite song growing up even I did not speak English in those days
Rest in peace

Janis Clarke

Scott, Sad to learn that you have left will always be young in my heart & I still & forever will wear flowers in my hair. I thank you for that & for singing the anthem of my youth. R.I.P. my friend, Janis


Dear Scott, I was in my early teens in Jacksonville, Fl when I heard your song San Francisco. My older sisters and I just loved the song and you performing it. That song stayed with me all these years and when I visited the city, I sang the song to myself. Thank you for making all of us aware of the beautiful city of San Francisco. And thank you for singing to us.

RIP Mr. McKenzie, you are missed.

Sandi, Milwaukee, Wi.

Sonya Kereopa

My favourite song of all time, and boy I've lived through a lot of them. RIP Scott, or better still keep belting it out with the best of them. Your music and voice will last for always. Much love forever.Sonya,Wollongong, Australia.


I was a big fan of the Journeymen and used to go the Shadows night club and Cellar Door in Georgetown and see the group all of the time. Loved Scott's voice. I still have the three Journeyman's LPs. San Francisco was a great hit but he was much more than a one hit wonder. I regret never having met him, but I did meet John and the Mama's & Papa's at a press party in DC, but I spent most of my time there talking with Michell. The Journeymen's version of "500 Miles" is fantastic, and really shows off Scott's incredible voice. He was not a one hit wonder, he was a great singer



Now from Wellington, FL 33411. Prevesially from Silver Spring, Md.

Jerry Reed

Scott we had so much fun in St Thomas at my bar and the bar in the Gate hotel. We just re-connected days before you left us and I am so sad we did not get to meet one last time. Peace my brother


I was so sorry to learn that this great singer had passed. San Fransico will always remain one of my favorite songs although I was only two years old when it was recorded! Definitely a classic of the sixties...

May you forever rest in peace.

St. Louis, MO

Bill Kenny

Scott had such an amazing voice. If You Are Going To San Fransisco is one of the true classic love songs of our time. You are already very missed by many and considered a part of true "Americana" Music. Rest In Peace Scott....


To our dear friend Scott...
I am thinking of you today. Since today was your birthdate,
I am remembering you and what a good friend you were to us.
I miss you very much.
We all do. We will never forget you...especially Bella.
we love you, Kristin, Will, Bella, Theo and Mao


Zum ersten Mal feierst du deinen Geburtstag zusammen mit Spider im Blumenhimmel – würdest du noch leben, könnten wir beide uns heute gegenseitig gratulieren. Aber du lebst in deiner Musik und damit in unseren Herzen weiter.
♥☸ڿڰۣ--♥ Happy Birthday, Scott ♥☸ڿڰۣ--♥

Gaspar Rodriguez Delgado

Although Scott is a bit further, continues to evoke only good things