Gidday Eh from Canada...

This is quite the site ! It had been awahile since I last been to Scott's site and this new updated version , is a thumbs up !

I do recall hearing and liking the " SAN FRANCISCO " song as a child in the 70s . Perhaps, now, I can get caught up and track down CDs with Scott's other stuff...

Thankyou Gary and gang for creating this site ! I'm glad Scott approves :)


Response from Gary: G'day Jacki and thanks for your comments.

Harry G. Kelly

I was living in the San Francisco Bay area from 1964 through 1969 at ages 22 through 27. It was quite a time for a young man like I was. My fondest memory from this part of my life is Scott's recording of San Francisco. For me, this beautiful recording sums up the whole era. I thank Scott for giving me so many fond memories flooding back by just listening again to San Francisco.

Moxee City, Washington, USA


I was wandering around the web looking for music and found this. Brought back great memories of when i went to many concerts in the 60s one of which included Scott McKenzie. It was wonderful. Although he only played San Francisco at the Hollywood Bowl i will always remember it as being one of my favorite songs. Thank you for the wonderful memory. Sincerely, Michael

Mary Welsh


It has been many years since we have seen you but your kindness at the time of my mother's illness was never forgotten by our family. I also cherish the days of watching my little daughter Jessica on the stage with you, Dennis, Spanky and McKenzie.

Best Regards,

Mary Welsh

Gary Hartman

Welcome to our new look web site and the new Guestbook. We look forward to comments from people from all over the world.

Gary Hartman, Perth Western Australia