LouAnn McGregor Crowe

I don't know what to say I know wasn't ready to say goodbye. I always had that dream in the back of my mind that someday I would get to California to see you one more time, but needless to say as many of my dreams that didn't happen. I can only say that you were my first love and how lucky can one young lady get, you were the kindest, most loving,funny, talented persdon I think I ever knew. I am blessed enough to have some of the sweetest memories of you that anyone could have, you see I had you before society got to you ad you were then the little boy the whppoorwills talked about. I love you Scott and will get to see you again someday and then you won't be hurting anymore. good night my sweet xoxoxo


'San Francisco' is the song of my youth, when the sun always shone and the days were full of love.
The music lives on in our hearts and souls forever.
Although we never met, we shared the same dream.
Thank you Scott.

Rich Henry

I used to hear be sure to wear all the time in Martinsville NJ still love in the 70s I still love the song John 14:6 True peace n freedom

robert beltran

scott mckenzie was my friend. he was a great singer with a great heart. he was unassuming and very perceptive, which is why he gave me a book of poetry one day. he knew i was going through a rough time emotionally at that time in 1997. he really helped my healing process. i will never forget scott's heavenly voice and i will never forget the beautiful man who reached out to me and became my friend...the heavenly chorus now has another heavenly voice...robert beltran.


My condolences goes out to Scott's family and close friends.

I spent my honey moon in San Francisco 1979 because since I was a child I fall in love with your songs and beautiful voice. I'll hear them forever.

Rest in peace dear Scott and thank you so much.

Jarinu, SP, Brazil

Ronald Yeung

I like very much several of Scott Mckenzie's songs including "San Francisco" and "Like an old time movie". Today I just happened to listen to the 2nd song and then trying to find some latest news about Mr.Mckenzie and is very sad to learn that he has passed away recently.
He will remain to be one of my greatest favourite singers. I hope his great songs will be known by more and more people in the world including in China.

Jose Alvarez

I listen the first time "San Francisco" in 1968 when I was teenager after lost my beloved Mother. This song give me peace in my torture soul at that time. Scott Mckenzie rest in peace and always wil listen San Francisco until my dead.

I'm from Ecuador I live in Tyler, Texas, USA


Wow- I just found out (9/7) that we lost another part of history! So sad that the talented ones are leaving us! Thanks for a song that was part of an era, part of my growing up listening to great music, and for leaving your music with us! RIP



Only one number one but what a number one.

You we're a beautiful man and made wonderful record San Francisco was all time greatest of all.

When ever I hear this song my heart goes back to that summer of 67, when I heard that I said it would go to No1 in the charts the rest is history.
So sing on wherever you may be.


Brian Reading uk

Len Jaffe

"We've Been Asking Questions", a John Phillips creation sung by Scott...can't we get that song out to the general public? I am getting really frightened about the prospects we face in November. This song asks us to slow down and consider our options carefully. This song needs to be heard.

Miss you both, gentlemen.


I was very saddened to hear about Scott's death - may he rest in peace. I think everyone from our generation will always think fondly on his famous recording of "San Francisco - be sure to wear some flowers in your hair" as it was a theme song of our time. Condolences to his family.


Dearest Scott,
I thank you for changing my life and changing my thinking.
It was the perfect time in my life to listen to what you
were saying. I loved the song, your music and your beautiful
and unforgettable voice. Every time I hear San Francisco
I stand still for a minute and just take it in again. It
takes my breath away for a moment.
Thank you for the impression you left with me and all of
us way back then and today.

Bless you with peace and good rest up there.


Diane Umeda

My condolences goes out to Scott's family. I learned of his passing only today
(9/4/12) and I am saddened.

Every time I hear Scott's angelic voice singing "San Francisco", I yearn to go back to
San Francisco. It is such a beautiful city, immortalized by Scott's singing. R.I.P.
Gentle Troubadour, the voice of my will be missed!

Dana Schlotz

The song " If you are going to San Francisco" by Scott gives me so many memorie because when it came out, I had just entered the the Army at Fort Lewis, Wa in 1967 . I heard the sad news that Scott passed away August 18,2012. My prayers are with him and his family.
This song has always been with me.

Dana Schlotz

David B

RIP .. Scott.. such a great voice.. im playing just like an old time movie as i write this.. you were a true gem..

peace out