Lynette Williams

RIP Scott; I have loved you and your awesome voice and this song ever since I was a teenager...many years ago. You're now singing your song to our Lord; we'll all meet some day and have a love-in there. Lynette

Valerie Doak

I had Guillain-Barre Syndrome when I was 13 and am not 33. It was horriabl. What a sad end to the music that touched our hearts. My love to his family for their loss to this illness. Much love from Casper WY.


Lieber Scott.
Nun sind bereits zwei Wochen vergangen, daß du uns in eine andere Welt vorausgegangen bist... und noch immer habe ich es nicht richtig realisiert. Hier ist ein Platz, an dem ich mich dir nahe fühle und das wird wohl auch noch lange so bleiben. Früher habe ich nie in dein Gästebuch geschrieben, weil ich dachte, du kannnst meine Muttersprache sowieso nicht lesen. Heute ist es mir egal... es tut mir einfach gut, dir zu schreiben. Bestimmt kannst du dort, wo du jetzt bist, in allen Sprachen lesen.... deine Seele wird dein Dolmetscher sein.
Ich schicke dir noch ganz viele Blumengrüße in den Himmel... wir
lesen uns.
I Miss You............


Alan B.

I'll miss your great voice on, "Someone to talk my troubles to" you did with the Journeymen.
Great memories of a great voice.


Dear Scott, I am now a 61 year old grandmother, but feel the same as I did when I first heard San Fransisco in my senior year of high school. I made it out there by 1972....I had such a crush on you. God gave you such a give...and I say that because I would love to be able to sing....but and only able to "Make a Joyful noise"...I read about your passing in Time brother just died on Memorial Day week-end....He was also a great fan of yours...Enjoy each other and all the other "Greats" who had passed before you.....forever in my were my first music love.

Mary Faili

I first heard the album, "The Voice of Scott McKenzie" when I was fifteen years old, the year it came out. It has been my all-time favorite album since. Every song on it is my favorite song. Scott's voice was so clear, so special. It saddens me that the voice has been stilled here on earth where it was so needed, but I'm sure it is soaring with other lost voices now. Perhaps, if we sit very still and very quietly, we can hear those voices on the wind. Thank you, Scott, for the beauty you gave us with your music.

Azat Nazirov

We are doing a project about the Vietnam War. Is it possible to alter the song "San Francisco"?

Richard Dessauer

Dear Scott--

In my mind you were the epitome of the "gentle people" you sang about in "San Francisco." I was there in Haight-Ashbury for three weeks in the "Summer of Love" among the "people in motion," and will never forget the experience. Rest in peace, and thank you so much.

Richard Dessauer
Portland, OR, USA

Dmitry Ivanov

Thank you Scott, for your music. Rest in peace.

bill marshall

"Going to San Fransciso" was my favourite record when i was a teenager. I visited San Fransciso in 1985 just to see that fasinating place that Scott's music reflects......and he had a Stottish name.....he will be missed...B Marshall..Scotland


Dearest Scott...Although I never knew you personally, I feel as though I've lost my best friend...your passing has left a hole in my heart. :'( Rest In Peace Dear Sweet Scott...and sing with the angels.

I did not write this poem but I would like to dedicate it to Scott:

God saw you getting tired,
When a cure was not to be,
So He closed His arms around you,
And He whispered "Come to Me".

You do not deserve what you went through,
And so He gave you rest,
God's garden must be beautiful,
For He only takes the best.

In time we saw you sinking,
We watched you fade away,
Our hearts were almost broken,
You fought so hard to stay.

But when we saw you sleeping,
So peacefully from pain,
We could not wish you back,
To suffer that again.

If you had spoken before you died,
These are the words you would have replied,
"Weep not for me, but courage take,
And love one another for my sake."

From the San Francisco Bay Area.

Maria Vicente

I loved the song, "San Francisco". Scott McKenzie had a beautiful, gentle voice, it was perfect for the song. I was kind of young at the time this song came out but remember it with it's lovely lyrics. May you R.I.P. Scott McKenzie, heaven has a new angel!


scott, you´ll allways be in my heart.

john f ricco jr

scott and i were born almost 10 years apart to the on january 13 1949 and scott on january 10 1939.just found out about his passing as i was on youtube checking out 2 of his early hits-san francisco and like an old time odd coincidence since i rarely go onto youtube.anyway,let me pay tribute to a good man and a constant reminder of where i was and what i was doing in the 1967 summer of love

Patrick Di Roma

A year or so ago, I Emailed Scott to tell him this quick
story. In May of 1967, I had just returned from South
Viet Nam. I was walking through the San Francisco Airport
in uniform, and "If you're going to San Francisco (wear some flowers
in your hair)came on overhead music system. I had never heard
the song before, it so was beautiful and I started crying. I
sat down on the floor and listened to the song sobbing.......
I was one of those forever moments in my life.....He may be
gone, but his music is forever.......

Patrick Di Roma
Clearwater, florida