1995 Interview

Page 13: Forrest Gump

JOHNSON: Lost career. What did you think of the movie Forrest Gump?

McKENZIE: I thought it was the most wonderful movie I’ve ever seen in my life, or the most wonderful movie I’ve never seen in my life. [Laughs]

JOHNSON: Do you have any thoughts about the movie Forrest Gump that you can share with us?

PHILLIPS: I really loved Forrest Gump. I thought it was like Steinbeck. It was real Americana to me. I related to it very heavily, to my own life and I just loved every part of it. I knew I would from the first time I heard of the project, and the first publicity blurbs of it and everything. I just knew it was my kind of movie. I was so thrilled that two of my songs were in it, which I didn’t learn until after it was released even, as a matter of fact. I was so pre-sold on the movie, anyway, when I saw it I loved it. Every part of it. I liked his relationship with the girl and when he was being chased by the boys and his braces flew off and he started running. The whole thing was just magic for me, all the way through. And that [sings] "And shrimp boats are coming." Which [laughs] remained in my mind when I see the movie, because of the shrimp business.


PHILLIPS: [Sings] "The shrimp boats is coming. Their sails are - "