1995 Interview

Page 15: Ed Sullivan

JOHNSON: We’ve looked at a lot of clips from different performances. You did the Ed Sullivan Show.


JOHNSON: Do you remember that experience and what that was that like?

PHILLIPS: Oh, that was the most fun of anything in the world. [Laughs] Cass would never stop - Ed had this sort of stop and go memory. And he’d say, "Another music group, for God’s sake, help me." And he’d say it’s up to us, you know. Who are you? And without moving his lips. [Laughter] "Help me, for God’s sake." And Cass would say things like, "Sure, Ed. One thing is, we’re tired of following that little mouse." [Laughter] He was just a hilarious guy.

McKENZIE: But he had a pain killer problem. [Laughter] He did. He really did. He had a bad back and he had to take a lot of pain killers.

PHILLIPS: He was the nicest guy in the world. Bob Prector, his son-in-law, was the producer of the show. He sort of got us through all this, and he was wonderful. Then, when I think Ed retired after twenty years of doing the show or something, they wanted to do promos for his last year of doing the show. Cass said, "We congratulate you, Ed, on these twenty years. I hope you only do one more." Which Bob blew up and came out of the office screaming at Cass, which didn’t help. Cause Cass didn’t care who screamed at her.

McKENZIE: She was used to it.

PHILLIPS: She was magic.