1995 Interview

Page 6: Vietnam

JOHNSON: Michelle talked about one of her best memories of "California Dreamin’," a strong memory brought back when she saw Forrest Gump . She remembered watching a Bob Hope show from Vietnam and there was a pan of the audience and some soldiers held up a sign on TV and it said, "California Dreaming." Do you remember that?

PHILLIPS: No, I don’t remember that. But every time we sing "San Francisco" - that was sort of a coming home song for the soldiers, for San Francisco was a home port, coming back from Vietnam. Scott always dedicates the song in every show we do, to MIA’s and the families and the veterans themselves, who came back. There’s a great response from the audience, to welcome these guys home again, who never really got welcomed home after all.

JOHNSON: Yeah. We still carry that, I think. The movie does.

PHILLIPS: Oh. I think it carries it very well, too.

JOHNSON: But that feeling in America is still unresolved, I think.

McKENZIE: Yeah. Always will be.