We've Been Asking Questions

Im März 2005 strahlte PBS ein Konzert aus unter dem Namen „My Generation – the 60's Experience“. Scott war mit seinem Song „San Francisco“ mit von der Partie.

Am Ende der Veranstaltung trat Scott ohne jede Vorankündigung noch einmal auf – mit dem Song „We've Been Asking Questions“. Es ist einer der letzten Songs, den John Phllips kurz vor seinem Tod im Jahr 2001 geschrieben hat.

„We've Been Asking Questions“ (Wir haben Fragen gestellt) ist ein zeitgemäßes Lied. Lesen Sie, wie Scott die Geschichte erzählt:

Thank you again for all the messages you have left in Gary Hartman's Scott McKenzie Guestbook.  I continue to be touched and amazed by how many people take the time to express their feelings about "San Francisco" 

Recently I participated in a 60's music program called "My Generation---The '60's Experience".  Part of the "My Music" series on PBS, this concert is  being televised in America during the month of March.

I sing "San Francisco" in the second segment of the concert.  However, at the very end of the program, I also sing a song called "We've Been Asking Questions", which is one of the last songs written by John Phillips before his death in 2001.

Incidentally, you will not hear the song announced by anyone on the program. It appears at the close of the program and segues into the 60's footage of Joan Baez singing "We Shall Overcome."

This is the first time a new song has been included in the "My Music" series of programs on PBS, which are usually devoted to established hits.

"We've Been Asking Questions" is a timely song.  I hope all of you in America will look for it at the end of "My Generation---The '60's Experience" on your local PBS station. 

Thanks again for your messages.

Scott McKenzie

Lyrics by John Phillips

We've been asking questions
of everyone we meet
People that we've known for years,
neighbors down the street
How did it happen,
how were we played for fools?
Gamblin' with our children's lives
in a game that knows no rules
We need an answer, a reason why
The rulers wage the wars,
but our children fight and die.

Mothers and fathers,
you're charged with your children's lives
It's up to you to cull between
the truth and all the lies
Is there a parent,
livin' on this earth
Who doesn't realize
what their children's dreams are worth?
We need an answer,
a reason why
The rulers wage the wars,
but our children fight and die

Did you ever think about
the pain in the night
Of the mother whose child
was killed in the bloody fight?
Or the young veteran who comes home,
but not the same
Did you ever wonder
how it feels to have that pain?

Presidents and dictators,
tyrants and the shahs
Order you to go to war
according to their personal laws
But don't blame your mothers and your fathers,
or your feelings inside,
Cause you're all the victims
of generations of lies
When it comes right down to it,
it's up to you
The future of the world
depends on what you do.