5th RSH Oldies Night 1992

(Saturday, May 30, 1992 / 19:00 p.m., Kalkberg, Bad Segeberg, Germany)

Moderation: Helmut Radermacher

Planning their 5th Oldie's Night German Radio Schleswig-Holstein dared try something new by engaging artists they had never presented before: Christie, Love Affair, Racey, Mamas & Papas, Scott McKenzie, Mungo Jerry, Alvin Stardust, Gerry & The Pacemakers, and Neil Landon & Lutz Wollersen. As always the show was a great success. Helmut Radermacher moderated through the evening, for the first time also announcing guests from the U.S. - "Expensive", was his comment, "but a dream!"

Helmut Radermacher and Kerstin & Martin Weyh kindly permitted us to translate and publish the following excerpts of their German online article about the 5th Oldie's Night 1992, especially the part about Scott's and the Mamas & Papas' performances.

Mamas & Papas

Wasn't that a perfect timing! In 1992 a company had chosen a song of the group (Dream A Little Dream Of Me, 1968 a hit in the USA, the group known as Mama Cass with The Mamas & Papas; Mama Cass also performing solo) to be their corporate advertising song, and it became a number 5 hit. So those who didn't know the two men and women from the past could hear them on the radio every day now. They sang about the little loved Monday (Monday, Monday) and the American Dream California style (California Dreaming) etc. While John Phillips had mainly been responsible for the lyrics, Denny Doherty was lead singer accompanied by John's wife and Mama Cass. Two female and two male voices blending to a highly harmonious singing, just perfect. But as Mama Cass had deceased in 1974 in London and John had fallen very ill, a new Mama joined, Elaine McFarlane, welknown in the United States as singer of the group Spanky And Our Gang (greatest hit: "Sunday Will Never Be The Same", 1967, No. 9 in the charts). John's place was taken by ...


Scott McKenzie

What more could he ask for? John Phillips had written the smash hit „San Francisco“ for him - No. 4 in the U.S., No. 1 for four weeks in the English charts, in Germany even for six weeks. Never before had Bad Segeberg seen anything like that. Announcing him already caused a rapturous applause we seldom experienced before, but when Scott, after singing his part as one of the Papas, started performing his song, the audience rocked the house! And that wasn't the end. Their call for an encore was so insistent that Scott indeed sang "San Francisco" a second time. Something like that had never happened before, not in Bad Segeberg. Many a fan was crying with happiness.