Gone to Sea Again

In 2009 Scott had been participating in a documentary for Denny Doherty, which is being written, produced and directed by Denny's childhood Halifax friend, Paul Ledoux.  Paul is the Canadian playwright who co-wrote Denny's one-man show, "Dream a Little Dream", which Denny performed regularly until two months before his death.

The song is "Gone to Sea Again", a song Denny began writing in the 80's, when his son and daughter were still small children who missed their Dad when he had to go out on the road.  It is arranged in three parts, to facilitate editing for Denny's documentary.

The first part is Denny singing on his old Walkman, which is why it sounds so raspy. The second, one verse of acoustic guitar. The third, Scott singing the entire song.  Denny never finished this song; Paul Ledoux finished it for him. It was recorded in Studio 3 at the old, now beautifully refurbished, Western Studios on Sunset, where Denny, the Mamas and the Papas and Scott originally recorded all their stuff in the 60's.

The background vocals you hear on "Gone to Sea Again" were sung by Barry McGuire, Mackenzie and Bijou Phillips, Emmy and John Doherty (Denny's kids), and Lindsay Wagner.