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Scott McKenzie 2006

Scott has dedicated every American performance of San Francisco to Vietnam veterans and in 2002 sang at the 20th anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

In May 2006 the author of this web site, and his wife, were lucky enough to spend three days with Scott at his home in Los Angeles.  A very special time of their lives.  They chatted for hours on all sorts of subjects.   They ate at one of Scott's favorite restaurants and got lost on an LA Freeway looking for the perfect milk shake.

Surprisingly, Scott dislikes the sound of his own voice. This is perhaps another of the reasons that he didn't continue a recording career. Scott has given permission for this web page. However, in his own words, "I can't imagine any one having the slightest interest in me." Perhaps he doesn't know just how much his songs have touched people all around the world.